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Industrial Internet

We provide solutions and consulting for industrial internet and IoT-possibilities and for how you can benefit from them in your business and daily work.

Our goal is to continuously improve the operational performance of your company, and to increase its value.
This is linked with continuous development of know-how, systems, devices, equipments, connectivity and sensors.

Below is a list of steps towards an intelligent industry.

  •                 Autonomous system
  •               Optimization
  •             Preventive actions
  •           Analysis
  •         Control and automation
  •       Monitoring
  •    Connectivity
  •  Electrification and instrumentation

Services for the industry

  •  Consulting regarding solutions for Industrial Internet
  •  Complete solutions and project management for Industrial Internet
  •  Selection of instruments, electronics, transmitters, receivers and control devices
  •  Solutions for programs, data collections and analysis tools
  •  Connecting of devices with existing systems
  •  Gathering of data from devices and the surroundings
  •  Solutions for data transfer and transmission

For further information, please contact us.

Asko Lamminen
Telephone: +358 400 919 351